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Exits Advisory provides specialized financial advice for startups and SMEs in the MENA region, covering Financial Advisory, Management Consultancy, Financial Modelling and Valuations, Transactional Advisory, and Capital Restructuring.


Financial Advisory

Navigate your financial landscape with precision. Our expert advisors offer insights into strategic planning, risk management, and funding opportunities tailored to the MENA market dynamics.

Management Consultancy

Elevate your business operations with our management consultancy services. From operational efficiency to strategic growth plans, we guide you through every step of business excellence.

Financial Modelling and Valuations

Make informed decisions with our financial modelling and valuation services. Our detailed analyses provide the clarity you need for fundraising, mergers, and acquisitions, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

Transactional Advisory

Seamlessly manage your transactions with our expert advisory. From due diligence to deal closure, our team ensures a smooth, efficient process, aligning with your strategic business goals.

Capital Restructuring

Optimize your financial structure with our tailored capital restructuring services. Whether it's for growth or stability, we design solutions that support your business's long-term vision.


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Service Hub

The Service Hub is a subscription platform linking startups and SMEs with essential service providers, aiding investment preparation. Service providers can generate leads, gain exposure, and increase revenues by accessing a targeted business audience.

Explore the Service Hub

01 Benefits for Businesses

Access to Expertise

Connect with specialized service providers to enhance your business operations.

Investment Readiness

Get the support you need to become attractive to investors and secure funding.

Business Growth

Leverage expert advice and services to scale your business effectively.

Efficiency and Focus

Spend less time searching for solutions and more time growing your business with the right partners at your fingertips.

Competitive Edge

Gain a strategic advantage by utilizing top-notch services that prepare you for the investment landscape.

02 Benefits for Service

Lead Generation

Attract high-quality leads looking for your specific services.

Enhanced Market Exposure

Increase your visibility and reputation within the startup and SME ecosystem.

Business Expansion

Grow your client base and revenue through targeted outreach and strategic connections.

Industry Recognition

Establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field by connecting with businesses in need of your services.

Event Participation

Engage with the community through exclusive invitations to industry events, fostering relationships and opportunities.

Sellers Marketplace

Connect instantly in MENA's first of its kind Sellers Marketplace. Our platform offers direct access to a vetted list of buyers and investors, alongside exclusive visibility for your business.

Investment Readiness

Get your business investor-ready with ease. Our Services Hub offers tailored services from industry experts to fine-tune every aspect of your venture. Enhance your investment appeal through our educational programs, designed by global market leaders for your success.

24/7 Networking

Our platform facilitates seamless networking 24/7, marketing your business to a curated group of investors, with premium members enjoying direct engagement. Concentrate on growth as we link you with potential investors, who gain exclusive access to a broad range of opportunities.

Automated Deal-Making Functionalities

Exits MENA aims to automate deal-making, beginning with "Matchmaking" on our forthcoming website. Business owners and investors can expedite their transactions through our platform, which offers key features such as automated legal document creation, online meeting scheduling, and a Virtual Data Room, ensuring a smoother journey to successful deals with extensive support.

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MENAs First Investment Banking Platform

Sell or raise as a business owner. Buy or invest as an investor

Upcoming Programs

Join our exclusive programs today and get on track to your next investment opportunities

Xmatch Demo Day

Xmatch is a special two-day event in the MENA region that unites startups, SMEs, and investors. It aims to select the top 20 startups and SMEs, providing them with the tools needed to pitch successfully to investors and boost the startup and SME ecosystem.


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The Investment Readiness Program is a self-study program, in collaboration with global and regional experts, that helps startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs get ready for their next funding round or exit their businesses through mergers and acquisitions.


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Innovation Blueprint

Innovation Blueprint, a collaboration between Raya FutureTECH and GIZ under the develoPPP funding program, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, brings you a series of webinars by Exits MENA. These webinars aim to inspire and equip you with the essentials to succeed in the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Egypt’s investment banking marketplace Exits.me raises $1m in a pre-seed round

Exits.me, an Egypt-based FinTech investment banking marketplace, raised $1 million in a pre-seed round. The round is funded through UK-Based Exits.me, a group of notable Egyptian Angel investors, Baseeta Investments Holding, and Mawelni Holding for Financial Investments.

مُرني تستثمر 10 ملايين دولار للاستحواذ على شركات مصرية

وقعت منصة Exits.me الرائدة في قطاع الخدمات الاستثمارية في مجال التكنولوجيا المالية بمصر والشرق الأوسط، عقد استشارات مالية مع شركة مُرني القابضة والتي تمتلك مجموعة شركات توفر منظومة متكاملة لإدارة الخدمات اللوجستية والمساعدة على الطريق وخدمات التقنية التأمينية لما بعد حوادث المركبات، حيث تخطط شركة مُرني لاستثمار 10 ملايين دولار أمريكي في مصر من الآن و حتى عام 2030.

Morni invests in Egypt’s Helpoo

EXITS MENA investment platform has announced its success in completing a deal on behalf of Saudi-based "Morni Holding" to invest in the Egyptian Startup company Helpoo. This move by Morni Holding is part of a long-term plan to invest $10 million in the Egyptian market by 2030, through their exclusive advisor Exits Mena, a leading provider of investment services in the financial technology sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

What Do You Want To Know?

  • How does Advisory work?

    Preparing your business for acquisition or fundraising can be a challenging task. However, with the support of our expert team at Exits, we can simplify the process for you. We help you in preparation, finding qualified buyers and investors, and facilitating each deal stage until completion. By enlisting the services of our team, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the rest. Contact us today to speak with an Exits expert and learn more about how we can help you achieve your investment goals. Exits Advisory offers multiple services; to learn more about it, visit here

  • What types of businesses do you work with?

    We work with startups & SMEs in various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, real estate, E-commerce, Retail and more. We want to work with businesses with a solid business plan, a proven track record of success, and a clear growth strategy that makes them sellable or ready for investment.

  • What is the process for selling my business?

    The process for selling your business through Exits is simple. First, you must fill out an application and provide us with information about your business. We will review your application and determine if your business is the right fit. If approved, we will work with you to create a visible profile for potential investors. Once a potential investor expresses interest in your business, we will facilitate the negotiation and sale process. If you qualify for offline advisory, the process is much more customisable. It involves more face-to-face work with our expert team based on your exact service needs and the state of your business.

  • Can I use your services regardless of my location?

    Yes, we work with startups from all over the world. However, it is essential to note that additional legal and logistical considerations may exist when selling a business internationally between buyers and sellers.

  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of my business information?

    We take confidentiality very seriously and have strict measures in place to protect the privacy of our users. Your profile is listed anonymously, and data is only revealed to investors if they have signed a non-disclosure agreement before they can access details; we only provide them with the information they need to evaluate the business you have consented to. Additionally, our platform is secured with the latest encryption technology to protect your information from unauthorized access.

  • How can I sign up to become part of the service hub as an Exits partner?

    To become part of Service Hubb, you must fill out a request form (link to form) and submit to the team how your business is an enabler to startups or SMEs in their journey to becoming investment-ready.

  • As an investor, can Exits help me with Buy-side advisory?

    We help you find the right business opportunity based on your investment needs and targets. Exits Advisory works both as a sell-side and buy-side advisor, helping SMEs and startups connect with strategic and financial investors or acquirers.

  • How does your platform work?

    Our platform is designed to connect business owners looking to sell their businesses or raise funds with potential investors interested in acquiring or investing in them. As a seller or business owner, you must first create an account on exits.me, fill out the seller form and wait for vetted and approved to be enlisted on the seller's marketplace. If you want to join as a buyer/investor, you must create an account and select your subscription package to gain the necessary access level. You will soon be able to do so on our platform for now, you can click on join Exits to get early access.

  • Do you directly invest in businesses?

    No, EXITS does not directly invest in businesses , we help businesses get their investment through our advisory services, investment readiness program and also our flagship event- Xmatch where you can directly connect with potential investors for you business face to face.

  • Are you an incubator or Accelerator?

    No, Exits is not an incubator or accelerator, it is an advisory firm acting as your go to investment bank. We help you with potential mergers, acquisitions or raising funds. You can also check our details list of services through advisory page to learn more of what help we provide at Exits.