Exit Readiness Checklist

The questions in our checklist will guide you through the most relevant topics that potential investors are interested in. Think of it like an interview or a conversation with your mentor.

Take your time to read through the different options and chose the one that best describes your current situation.

Am I exit ready? Let's find out

Do you have a one page executive summary?(Required)
If yes, what does your executive summary cover?
Do you have a pitch deck?(Required)
If yes, what does your pitch deck cover?
Do you have P&L, Cash flow and balance sheet for all previous transactions?(Required)
Do you have a 3 Year financial forecast?(Required)
If yes, does your financial model include
Do you have a captable? (who owns what in the company shares)(Required)
Do you have a data room?(Required)
Do you a sound legal foundation?(Required)
How would you describe the level of agreement on the exit strategy in the founder team?(Required)

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