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Scaling through acquisition: what does successful change management look like?

Perhaps more than any other organizational change, effective change management is crucial to make acquisition a success. The change management team must effectively assess the company culture of the new company and work out how to assimilate it into their own. Asking questions such as how is productivity measured, what does success look like and how are employees rewarded are the first steps in ensuring employee engagement does not take a nosedive.

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  • What are the different types of Exits?

    What are the different types of Exits? So you have reached a point where you want to reap some of the hard-earned efforts you have put into what has been your dream as a business founder, and you’re deciding to Exit. Regardless of the type of Exit you are looking to go through; you probably …

  • SaaS Valuation Calculation

    Valuation multiples for SaaS companies are at an all-time high, which is largely based on public company valuations and M&A transactions. When it comes to estimating private SaaS valuations, tools like profit and revenue-multiples can be useful.

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